Water scarcity: how you can help

People tend to ignore issues that do not affect them directly. The water shortage crisis is one of these problems. Most of you reading this post have running water at home and do not have to worry about it at all. Unfortunately, we all should worry – just think about what will happen when water becomes even more scarce and its price starts to skyrocket… Read the following tips to learn what you can do to help today.

Be aware and educate others

Do your research, get informed. Being aware of the problem makes it easier to arrive at solutions. Read about the global water crisis, keep up-to-date with news about water shortages and look up crisis areas. Make sure you share your water-awareness knowledge with friends and family and encourage them to pass it on.

Save water

This is an obvious one. The discussion about water conservation has been going on for a while. Take quick showers instead of long baths. Keep the faucet off when you don’t really need it. Don’t flush the toilet for just for fun (kids do it a lot!). Take care of your pipes to prevent leaks and if you catch one, get it fixed ASAP. Never assume that your society is too developed to face water shortage.

Take part

Look around for local initiatives, government programs and organizations that aim to preserve natural resources, including water. You can either join them or make regular donations to support them.

Look for alternatives

Ever heard that you can actually shower without water? 17-year-old Ludwick Marishane invented a dry bath lotion when he was traveling in South Africa. The lotion doesn’t irritate the skin and is equally effective as a wet shower.


The movements aimed at water conservation are growing and more and more researchers and engineers all over the world are working on water saving technologies. Look out and eventually you’ll find something that suits your needs. You’ve already found HandyShower (congratulations!), but very soon you might also find solutions for your home.

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