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20 April 2018

Camping Checklist

Are you planning to spend the weekend outdoors, away from the city noise? Gather a group of friends, choose a place and getgoing! But … are you sure you know how to pack? We all know well that packing can be a real nightmare. People often procrastinate with it and pack at the very last […]

25 January 2018

Best ways to enjoy the outdoors

We should engage in physical activities outdoors not only during the warm months, but also in late fall and even in the winter. Keeping active all year round will help you beat the winter blues and will make you feel better, giving you a lot of satisfaction. In terms of health, physical activity influences your […]

20 November 2017

5 camping hacks

Whether you’re going camping for just one day or a whole week, it is impossible to predict the course of all events. Sometimes we face challenges for which we are completely unprepared, but they might be crucial to our journey. No cooking stove, no matches, no drinking water, opening a can without an opener or […]

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