How to pack a backpack for a trip

Your motivation and a well packed backpack are essential during a weekend hiking trip. We’ve decided to provide our readers with some support and help you with your packing (we don’t like doing it either). If you follow our tips your next trip will be an even more pleasurable experience.

A well packed backpack will fit quite a lot of tools that are necessary during a demanding hiking adventure. But it’s not just the amount of items that you pack – what’s also important is how the weight of the backpack is distributed which has an influence on your shoulders, back and legs.

A good quality backpack is essential. Remember, it should be a professional outdoor backpack, you don’t want to bring a duffel bag or a plastic bag. However, you should know that even the best backpack in the world might get you frustrated and cause you a lot of pain when it’s not skillfully packed.

Prepare a checklist of items that you need to pack – otherwise you’ll give in to the pre-trip chaos and end up packing unnecessary things and forgetting the essentials.

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Limit the weight

Remember that you’ll carry the backpack non-stop throughout the trip. Therefore, it should be as light as possible. It’s harder during winter expeditions because then you need more gear and your clothes are thicker. It’s easier to cut down on the amount of items in the summer – try to bring not more than 10 essential things.

Keep your clothes dry

It’s best to pack your clothes, sleeping bag and other smaller items in individual plastic bags. Thanks to that you’ll avoid getting your stuff wet during an unexpected rain and you’ll still have a chance to sleep in a dry sleeping bag. If you forget the plastic bags, you’re doomed.

Pack well

Remember to back heavier items closer to your back – thanks to that you’ll avoid straining your muscles.


Our list contains the most essential points – the following items are meant to be packed in the following order, starting at the very bottom of your backpack:

  1. Tent – pack it first because it’s probably going to be the biggest item you’ll have to carry. Remember to place it close to your back.
  2. Clothing – put your clothes in a plastic bag and place them at the bottom of the backpack, next to the tent. You won’t need them during the hike and you don’t want to have to dig through them to find smaller items that you might need during a day
  3. Sleeping bag – your sleeping bag will perfectly fit somewhere close to the tent to help distribute the weight. Remember to put it in a plastic bag.
  4. Camping cookware – you probably won’t need it until you finish your day’s hike do you can place it under you food.
  5. Food – your food should be placed in the top part of your backpack and your lunch should be easily accessible – you’ll most likely want to eat it in the middle of your hike.
  6. Waterproof jacket – it’s best to place it at the very top, you definitely want to have quick access to it.
  7. 10-15 essentials & personal items – fill up the lid of the backpack with everything that you might need during the day or in case of an emergency – a first aid kit, snacks, a sunscreen lotion, a flashlight, a camera etc.
  8. Fuel – if you don’t hike in direct sun or in extremely hot weather, it’s best to place your fuel container in a side pocket on the outside of your backpack – that way a potential spill will not cause much trouble.
  9. Water – remember that it’s necessary on every hiking trip! One of your backpack’s side pockets is the perfect place for water.



If you’ve packed your backpack and chosen a trail you’re good to go! Enjoy your adventure without any pain in your back!

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