Jordan – Martian Camp

HandyShower on a trip!

We took the opportunity to visit Jordan for a few days after we found a cheap flight to Ovda (Israel).

The scenery in the pictures may seem familiar to you, because we stayed at the Martian Camp in the Wadi Rum reserve (you can find it on exactly where “The Martian” (2015) was shot.

In one of the pictures, in the pouring rain, you can see the very same tent in which Matt Damon drank tea (us too!), and we lived next door (Matt stayed in Aqaba in slightly better conditions ;)).

The tents at the Martian Camp were covered with tarpaulins to prevent the rain from getting inside (the water still managed to find its way in!). The stay at the Bedouin camp was a veryinteresting experience.

We also came across a more advanced camp that offers accommodation in space-like capsules (unfortunately, we did not stay there). At the same time, we could imagine living in a habitat on Mars and get to know life in the desert. And, most importantly, test HandyShower in such conditions!

The weather was really fickle; we experienced a whole range of weather phenomena: hail, rain, thunderstorm, sandstorm (visibility about 3-4 meters) and sun. At night, it was about 4-6 degrees and very windy – our tent was not heated so you can imagine that not everyone would like to spend a night in such conditions.

Check out our pictures below.

HandyShower Jordan HandyShower Jordan HandyShower Jordan HandyShower Jordan

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